Posted June 30, 2017 in Reissue

People like us didn’t stop Live Vol.2

People like us didn't stop Live Vol.2

A collection of live tracks recorded from 1994 to 2008.

Jack Rabid from The BIg Takeover Magazine review May ’17 :
“Since Idaho is mostly a one-man operation nowadays—when Jeff Martin isn’t occupied directing and producing two feature films—it’s easy to remember what a breathtaking live band they were. Like dissimilar ’90s English peers Kitchens of Distinction, it wasn’t anything they did; no one seemed to move a muscle, as Martin brushed gently on custom four-string guitars and crooned, but he and his cohorts seemed lost in deep, intense dazes. The combination of that trance-like conveyance, building dynamics from soft-pretty spaces to heavy swells (hurrah!), and waves of brilliantly foggy sound rolling lazily off stages was as awesome as Martin’s drawled, laconic way of holding syllables like he was reluctant to let them go. As evidence, it would be hard to beat PLUDS2, Martin’s stupendous overview of prime live, rehearsal, and radio recordings, containing all the sharpness/patience/crispness and mini-explosions their burbling slowcore genius realized, alive like reanimation. “Hearts” and “Jump Up” are rousted revelations, growing louder, and “Get You Back” is a gargantuan static electricity crawl. Alive… and kicking!”



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