Posted September 06, 2022 in Events

Support Idaho music documentary “Traces of Glory”

Traces of glory documentary

You can now help and support Mark Allen Davis and Jan Jensen from Tin Boat Productions at Kickstarter.

“Revealing indie rock’s best-kept secret of the 90s, Traces of Glory is a feature length documentary that tells the story of L.A. band, IDAHO and its obscure frontman Jeff Martin, as he contemplates his past, self-doubt and the fame he was never really after.”

“As indie documentary filmmakers, you have to wear a lot of hats. You have to know how to direct, produce, edit, capture the audio and color correct–especially if you are financially challenged. Doing everything ourselves is one of the ways we’re able to keep costs down, allowing us to make projects like this–and we’re awfully proud of that. But we also know when to call in the professionals, which leads us to: Sound Design/Mixing & Promotion.”


Traces of Glory at Kickstarter
Traces of Glory on Facebook


Update : world premiere at Raindance Film Festival in London on November 3rd